Should i get a Krank Revolution REP 120W or a Krank Krankenstein + and would a marshall 1960b sound good with these amps. Do these amp sound good to anybody else
The Rev will have slightly less gain, and a chunkier sound as opposed to the Krankenstein +, which has a very defined lead tone/shred tone. As always, 1960 cabs are best used for a metal type sound because their fullness balances out the sizzle of hi-gain heads like the the Krankenstein and the Rev.

I'd, personally, go with the Rev but I also don't use that much gain and prefer a chunkier sound. Basically, if you play lead, go with the 'Stein and if you play ANYTHING else go with the Rev.
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Whats the difference between the Revolution 100W and the Revolution REP 120W , except for the wattage
The REP is the revolution+ so it is this years model and it has a boost switch for the kleen, a master presense control, and upgraded transformers. It is supposed to be much better than the rev1.
The Stein+ isn't only a lead amp, it's got a great rhythm metal tone too. I think it's got a little more aggressive growl in the midrange that I like, very raw and open sounding. I haven't tried a Rev+ for comparison, but the Stein+ kicks all kinds of ass for rhythm work.

I might reconsider the 1960B though. Not that it's a bad cab or anything, but I've tried the G12T75 speakers with the Stein+, and I don't think they work as well as the V30 and Texas Heat speakers I have. Loses some of that layered midrange sound, and kind gets a little harsh on the high end. The 1960AV or BV with V30 would work better IMO.
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