what are some part time jobs that has no music playing non stop in stores? I can think of a gas station as being one. Reason why im asking is i hate listening to crap music for hours at work.
uhhhm....probably nowhere, but have you tried looking around?

/what music DO you like?
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McDonalds has music playing, but it's so damn loud in the back you won't be able to hear it.
Bavk in the day at Tim Horton's they didn't play music. But there were a lot of angry old women yelling which is in some ways worse.
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Most retail stores (stores that sell products) have overhead music. If you get a job working outside or in an office environment there probably won't be music.
Just find a job and concentrate on that, and if you're doing your job correctly like you should, you can ignore the crap music.


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porn star. Usually they add the music in later.
Mcdonalds and Burgerking. At least here in Argentina and Israel.
Also a restaurant. (No teenagers places since they have music).