there's a pimple on my left buttcheek, and it hurts to sit down. anyone else have ass pimples?
I get 'em every once in a while. Just leave it alone and it'll be gone in a day or two.

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i got a pimple in my nose a few weeks ago and it was so annoying and then sumbody thought i was picking my nose and i was like wtf
Duuuuude... They're the worst. I had one right in the crack recently... but in that place that when you sit down you still feel it. One way to stop them is spend less time sitting or find a better chair to sit on.
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lol they suck you should like burn it i think that would be awesome to watch on like youtube haha
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I get em, usually small though, pop it!!
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I have, but not for awhile.

puberty sucks, but it's good in the end.
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i had one before. i put some clearasil cream on it and it went away in a week or so. right now i have one on my ****ing lip.