I Just Finished writing this today, only worked on it for a few hours, this is my first try at this genre, the solo is just a quickie, i didn't put to much time in it any criticism will be greatly appreciated and will be replied when i have time, as always

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It's all good in and of itself. But the rhythms were pretty boring.

And there was nothing that really grabbed me, and made me really, really enjoy it.
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Wahahahow ... I'm listening and it is awesome ... amazing melodies ... one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard in a very long time ...
it was pretty great.. my favourite parts were actually some of the drum grooves.. it really made me enjoy the guitar parts more... the pre-solo was probably my favourite section... nice one, man
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lol i guess since you posted this song here first and then in the t and c competition that means i can do the same hehehe.
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Wow, this is pretty awesome man! I especially like the symphonic elements, I think that what you did with the strings and various other orchestral instruments was pretty fantastic man!

However, as someone earlier mentioned, there was nothing that really stood out in this song; I think this is true to an extent. I think what you could do is create slightly more complex, interesting riffs in various places in the song. As well as this, the song is begging for a better solo =P

Other than that, you have yourself a pretty solid piece right there - I would definintely want to hear this recorded.



that was pretty awesome
definatley a 10/10 work
i loverd it allw the way through, reminded me a lot of bodom
i htnk the only thing that could make it better would be some differentiations in the rythm section

other than that i wouldnt change a thing, that was an awesoe solo too
great job
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however, the bits of melody are good, but not memorable. it sounds quite a lot like the rest of this stuff.
you should develop the pre solo riff into a tune or somethin better, then make that the basis of the song.
not a big change at all then.
the sound im imaginin is like before i forget by slipknot crossed with something more melodic.

its goood though
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Pretty awesome.
Really awesome actually.

The one bar gap did throw me about. It feels kind of out of place, but I'm not really sure how else you'd make that change either.

The solo also could use a little more work. It's not bad by any means. I felt the first two bars of it were really strong, bar 52 started strong and 57 is really awesome because it really makes good use of the backing rhythms. I think that it would be better if you had more quick bursts of notes that stuck with or between the rhythms more, instead of long and even note runs.

But I'm grasping for thing's to criticize, the song really is nearly perfect the way it is.
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It's all good in and of itself. But the rhythms were pretty boring.

And there was nothing that really grabbed me, and made me really, really enjoy it.


It was good, but its missing something.

But still kick ass man!
I just registered to post this:
Awesome. Loved it.
I'm no music major, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.
I thought it was pretty kickass, good job

The only thing that I can really find wrong with it is that the rhythm guitar is kind of dull at some points in the song. You could maybe make a few alternate rhythms to keep the song more interesting, and instead of playing the same chord over and over, you could change it up a bit.
This is great. The solo was definitely awesome.
Reminded me a bit of Graveworm.
Great song.
Any lyrics/vocals lined up for this song yet? I'm interested in hearing how it would sound with vocals. The way I'm imagining it, it sounds quite awesome.
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I wasn't expecting much when I read the OP, but that was an awesome surprise. It's amazing how such a simple looking rhythm can sound so sick. Nice solo too.
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it would be great without the strings

Don't listen to this ^.

I thought it was a great song all around. The melodies were melancholic and gripping, the drums were tight, and the string usage was incredible - and I generally hate strings in metal. The riffs in themselves were slightly generic, but I feel that this key usage more than makes up for any genericness.

The only thing I really don't like about this piece was the solo. I was expecting something fantastic, but unfortunately, it wasn't. If you can make a more compelling, inspiring solo then you will have one hell of a song on your hands. The song could also use a more epic build-up to the solo. What you have works, but it is slightly anti-climactic. And, as everyone has said before, the break at bar 17 is a bit of a throw-off. Perhaps if you left an open powerchord ringing?

Other than that, good job, I like it. 8.5/10, just work on that solo.

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