How do I get my fingernails down? I have notoriously bad nails that grow really fast. I look at most guitarists and they have short nails. I've cut them to the point where it hurts and there's a bit of blood. How do I cut 'em down further?
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Which hand bro? On your picking hand that can be really useful in fingerpiking and can almost substitute for a pick. Thay suck when they are long on your fretting hand though. I suggest you cut them kinda short and then use an emory board to file them down, that way you won't clip to far.
I once saw a video of Jimi Hendrix and his nails were HUGE!!!

...but he wasn't using the tips of his fingers, he was using, like... the face of them.

to answer questiong: start biting your fingernails???

Garden shears. That's the only way to get em shorter then you described.

Just trim them normally, unless they're getting in your way it should be fine. You don't have to go to such sadomasochistic lengths.
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Biting your nails can make them bleed too and its just a bad habbit to get into because you NEVER ****ING STOP.
I'd pay good money to have mutant nails on my right hand. bad news for the fretting hand though. Maybe go to a pharmacy store and tell them ur dilemna