Struck a great deal on ebay, I just have to drive 120 miles to get it (which I don't mind, considering shipping charges).

I will have to upgrade the cab though, its a 5150 4x12, and considering Peavey's track records with cabs, it probably sucks. I could replace the speakers, but some of the tolex on the front is rubbed off, though doesn't look all that bad.

So there you have it, I have a great 120w all-tube beast for the same price as a Marshall MG half-stack new, though I don't get the crushing overdrive of the MG

I'm not trying to rub it in anyones face by the way, i just thought i would share the excitement of getting my first tube amp!
i will congratulate u whilst trying to mask my insane jealousy...
Have fun complaining about how you should have gotten a combo
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Quote by Teh GIR
Have fun complaining about how you should have gotten a combo

Haha, at that price I can't really complain
The crushing overdrive of the MG?
I hope that was sarcastic.
i never had a problem with my half stack, even though even by those standards it's over sized. combos are nice if you have to move around a lot, but my amp is in my room and rolls out the sliding door to the courtyard where my drummer's set up is right across the sidewalk
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Nice man! I was checking those out, they look fantastic. Pics Please

Well i have to work all week so it will probably be friday before I can actually go get it, but i will as soon as i can!

And yes the MG comment was sarcastic (though they aren't THE worst amps ever, theres plenty worse, check out my profile for some clips)
Am I the only one who thinks that it would have been cheaper to ship it considering gas prices these days? how many MPG is your car!
Around 28-30 highway, i will probably spend about $50 on gas, and he said shipping would be close to $200, but i completely see your point
Sell the cab and get a nice 2x12 with some v30s or some such.
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