Now he may not be my favorite comedian, but you have to admire him for not selling out. Most of us agree the Blue Collar Comedy is ****, but Ron White doesn't dwell on being a "redneck", and didn't participate in the awful show.
He's damn funny.

Bill Engvall too.

Larry the cable guy=
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God i cant stand any of them tbh
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I was happy to ignore all of those guys until Bill Engvall got a show on TBS and his ads actually started appearing in the middle of scenes from the show I was watching. I was watching Family Guy and instead of cutting to a commercial, a mini Bill walked across the bottom of the screen and actually cut off a conversation between Brian and Peter to plug his show (meanwhile Brian is paused in the middle of talking).
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Quote by woodenbandman
He's damn funny.

Bill Engvall too.

Larry the cable guy=

Bill, Jeff, and Ron are hilarious, I think. But I can't stand Larry.
I hate those guys. There source of jokes either comes from being a redneck or fart jokes.
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Ron's pretty funny, Engvall is too. Ron seems kind of out of place with the rest of Blue Collar Comedy.

He is. Very much so.

I thought he died...
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
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No, not really.

Maybe not those subjects specifically, but Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable guy, and Jeff Foxworthy are extremely immature, and not funny. Ron White is ok, but there's nothing that great about him.