Ok I'm not a big fender fan but, I was at my local guitar store and saw a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

shiny black strat that had no pickguard. looked like a les paul paint job and had the round top, it had white bevel on the outside. and it was 999.99 only looked at if for a sec because I had to go but Can some one get me a link because I can't find it?

thank you
EW an acrhtop Strat?

sounds digusting, but probably looks nice.
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Although I'm not sure what you mean by "round top", but it sounds like the Aerodyne Stratocaster. That particular paint job is not on the fender site, but I have one and it sounds as beautiful as it looks. It is a CIJ also, so it has great build quality, everything was adjusted properly straight from the shop.

Is this it?
Fender Black Aerodyne Stratocaster
is it possible its not a fender?
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is it possible its not a fender?

Did it actually say "Fender" on it anywhere, or do you just assume it was one because it looked like one???


those Aerodynes are beautiful

i searched the web but it seems like they're not made anymore?
any info about that?

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It's too bad they don't make them anymore. I'd love to have one.
They now make an 'Aerodyne Classic' which looks to be the same thing with a different paint job. You can still find the old Aerodynes relatively easily though.
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