If I tune down to Eb and I want to improvise in a certain key, I still play in the same positions as if I were in standard tuning, correct?
If I understand you correctly, no, if you drop down to Eb, then in order to play in the same key, you'd need to move the position up a half step, or one fret.

Then again I don't quite understand you.
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Nope, if you tried to do that, say you wanted to play in 'C', if you played in the same position, you would actually be playing in 'B'. Because everything is tuned down a half-step. So move your playing up a fret. But if you're not playing with anyone else/a loop or song, it doesn't really matter. Sorry about the bad sentence structure in my first sentence I know it's a wreck.. Hope that helps..
I understand, so I'd need to move up a fret.
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if you want to play in E when your tuned in standard, play on the 12th fret. if you want to play in E when tuned to Eb, play on the 13th fret.

did that help at all?

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