This is really just something I do for fun when I feel I've run out of ideas on guitar, but I thought I'd make a page for it and let others hear it. The main idea when I make these songs, is that when you hear it, you should be able to picture it in the scene of a movie or game.


Here's a quick rundown of the tracks:
"Running from Fate" is the newest song.
"Aztech Flame" I entered into the Hitman Movie competition
"Buried at Your Feet" is a Dimebag Tribute [Video here]
"A World Beyond the Ocean" is probably something most suited for a game.

All comments welcome, hope you enjoy

Your a G-d.

How in the world did you record that?
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Not bad! The Dimebag tribute was awesome. Very mellow, with a hint of metal. Good job! I want some more. Could you hook me up?
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