So basically I'm not sure what else to save my money up for (other then an amp).
sure I can use money for other things but I love guitar so I still will probably buy stuff for it.

the gear I have:
Peavey Classic 50
Les Paul Standard
Jackson Rhoads RR1
Dunlop Wah Pedal Original, modded
Washburn Chorus
Ibanez TubeScreamer 808
Digitech Whammy Pedal IV
Ibanez Compressor II Cp-835
Some Ibanez Phaser.. forgot model, last two are extremely old but good

Have reverb on my amp..

so what else should I get, mainly in pedals.. I plan to save up for a Mesa Mark this summer but I'd like to get the other stuff covered first and I love the tone on my amp so I'd like to get everything for it for now.

also I don't have an effects loop so that limits alot of pedals..

what else is there?
anything like from things to guitar parts (like that Ferna-something rather sustainer.. what's that thing?) to pedals and such.
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The sustainer you're looking for is made by Fernandez. I currently know nothing about them, but a quick google should help. As for guitar-related ideas, have you thought about Hipshot D-Tuners? They're pretty cool if you have to tune to a dropped tuning mid-show. Also, have you replaced the pickups in your guitars? If not, that might be something to consider. Anyway, congrats on the RR1 (sick guitar)!
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Get some sort of Tele or Strat so you can have that twangy sound if youre looking for that.

That way you will have 3 guitars with very distinct tones
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yeah, both are some ideas.. thanks guys

might get new pickups.. drop d thing sounds cool too I was thinking about getting one of those..

and yeah I might save up for a strat just because I want a single-coil guitar.

also thinking if I got all the pedals I need.. only thing else maybe would be an acoustic simulator.. wonder what those are like.