im gonna buy the 112....eventually ill put in a better speaker and buy an EG to sweeten it up...i play blues, classic rock, and hard rock...if you've got a better amp idea under $500 shout it out
I'd go for a used classic 30 is you play blues and classic rock.
The VK is more voiced for modern stuff.
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If you want more of a classic rock voicing, get a Classic 30 instead
If you decide to go with the VK, I highly recommend Warehouse Guitar Speakers for a replacement. Dirt cheap, made in USA high quality Celestion clones. Best bang for your buck!
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i would say go for the Valveking 112 and pump the $100 savings into the Warehouse speaker as mentioned.

i think it is fair to say that this is not the greatest amp for Blues as it is more modern voiced as Darkarbiter7 said so it depends on how much or what kind of blues you play. Blues Jr is a good choice too. Crate and Blackheart maybe on your list too or have you already narrowed down?

will you be gigging?
can you go used? Craigslist.com ftw

if used - then Peavey Classic 30 is a great choice or maybe a B-52.

good luck