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what are you saying exactly im not sure i understands what your saying last time i checked distortions was distortion, are you trying to say like sound wise or what
ummm, i thought there were different distortion pedals and stuff, so i wanna know what pedal to get to make similar distortion.
all distortion and overdrive pedals do the same thing but the outcomes are a bit different.

I wish i had a better picture. and I wish that had the original signal graph....

but basically the input signal looks just like a sin curve. A distortion pedal (hard clipping) cuts the signal and makes the flat table like things in the curve. Distortion pedals usually have their own sound and are not quite as amp dependant because they distort so much of the signal...

Overdrive pedals produce something more like the signal on the right of the image. The distortion usually makes a more sin like curve, the signal is cut, but it follows the amps original signal curve much more closer and usually keeps the tone from your amp. This is called soft clipping...

as for which distortion pedal, it depends there are some good ones and bad ones. Most bands use the gain channels from there amp, so it can be very hard to reproduce someone's tone in many cases... But certain pedals may get you close... I don't really listen to sense's fail... If you have a ****ty amp it will probably be hard for you to replicated the sound. But a good distortion pedal with eq on it and such may help. something like a metal muff.

But if you got a nice tube amp, personally i'd recommend a good overdrive pedal, but it might not be able to push it to metal territories depending on your gear
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