I own an Ibanez Artcore AF75 full-hollowbody guitar. I know the basic ins and outs of hollowbodies, but I know very little about both customizing/retrofitting guitars, let alone hollowbodies.

I've been thinking about buying two things as of right now to add to my guitar: some TV Jones pickups (this one's a maybe) and a Bigsby (This is what I really want).

The TV Jones pickups caught my interest because I've seen many Gretsch's (especially the RHH with TV Jones Classics), but what are their "reputation", or rather, what is the general opinion on them? I want to play primarily "-billy" genres, but it'd be cool to be able to do harder stuff and not make it sound too out of place. Would it be better to just stick with the stocks? I'm still a bit out of the know in pick-up replacement, but I think I have the basic idea and can just watch someone else who knows how to do it.

This is my main question, though:

I've seen that Bigsby's run about a $100 USD, and I'm a little concerned about intsalling it myself. I've had the priviledge to try out a Gretsch at the San Jose GC, and I've been wondering, is the spring part mounted to the guitar via a screw? Or is the only mounting point the tail-end of the tailpiece? Really, that's my only concern, as I don't want to have to drill into my guitar (or even have someone else do it).
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