Im thinking about replacing my stock epiphone les paul studio's plain high output humbuckers with gibson burstbucker pros. Anyone had any experience with them.
those pickups are in the gibson lp standard i belive

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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They are expensive though.

$135 each, im just going to get the bridge pickup for now
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$135 each, im just going to get the bridge pickup for now

A) That $135 would definitely be better spent toward a new amp.
B) You can go to www.highorderpickups.com and get a custom pickup hand-wound to your own specifications for half that price.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Yes, change your amp first. The stock Epi pickups aren't actually that bad (not saying they're great, just 'not bad').

Also if you want to upgrade your pickups, the Burstbucker Pros are a bit of a pointless upgrade. The stock Epi pickups are based on the Gibson '57 Classic (neck pickup) and Burstbucker Pro (bridge pickup), they're made to the exact same designs, just using the lower quality Asian parts and of course, wound in Korea/China/Indonesia instead o America. Tonally though there's not actually that huge of a difference, the Gibson versions tend to be ever so slightly clearer when played at very high volujmes with natural amp overdrive, but other than that they can sound amost the same. There are lots of videos on YouTube showcasing Epi's pickups right next to the Gibson pickups, and the difference really is tiny.
Plus personally, I think the Burstbucker Pro is a waste of time. It's basically a Burstbucker #1 (lower output, under-wound), but with an Alnico V magnet instead of an Alnico II. It pretty much evens out to being only slightly 'sharper' than a Burstbucker #2, and it's not got as much bite as a Burstbucker #3 has. It's cleans are also worse, much less smooth. You can just spend the extra £15/$20 and get the Burstbucker #2 (for neck) or #3 (for the bridge), and you'll have a much better pickup.

Even then though, I think you'd be better off with something like Seymour Duncan, or Swineshead.
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Your best bet is to use your money for a lot of explosives. Put your amp in the middle of the street and blow it up. J/K... you DO need to ditch that amp. As for the pickups, check out SD antiquities. Closest match to original 50s PAFS that ive heard. Which are what burstbucker pros are trying to emulate.
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I have to disagree with most of the people on here. Burstbucker pros are and awesome pickup. I upgraded my epi les paul standard with them recently and the change was very significant played through a tube amp. The main differences I notice are much less harsh highs, and more defined mids, as well as a much better clean sound and overall better growl to the distortion. Take note all of these changes are subtle. The two main overt changes are significantly increased sustain, and less hiss or quieter pickups.

I do agree however, and start with a decent tube amp before touching pickups.

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Oh my God, run to the hills.

Seriously, screw the pups. Get a new amp and then think about pups.


TS, you will probably still want to buy the new pickup(s) even after hearing this advice. Virtually everyone goes through this phase in which buying pickups and effects pedals seems much more desirable than purchasing a new amp. RESIST THE URGE. If you're looking for better tone, the solution is purchasing a better amp.

Good luck with your decision.
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I have them stock in my Gibson LP Standard. It's my second experience of the series, using Burstbucker 1 and 2 in the past. I have to say the Pros are the best Burstbuckers yet. Versatile and produces terrific tonal depth and definitely has the trademark Les Paul sound.