just curious to see whos pedals you will buy more and whats your reason etc, BOSS, Digitech etc
I really like Frantone, but I can't afford **** from them.
EHX is always a great name as well.
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EHX is always a great name as well.

Indeed. I love Electro Harmonix.
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Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal.

Yeah, I'm original.

haha nice, me too.
But aside from wah - im a fan of voodoo lab's stuff...
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most def. EHX has a very organic tone but granted i never tried it but i heard alot of great stuff about the zen overdrive, though i forgot who made it... oh and all of the keely and analogman mods to other pedals
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boss is the boss
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I'm only going with what I've used. And I'd have to say that Boss is my favorite.
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Zachary Vex makes some extremely cool pedals(although i own none). I also like Electro-Harmonix.
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Zachary Vex makes some extremely cool pedals(although i own none). I also like Electro-Harmonix.

Joker, you said what I was gonna say. ZVex pedals are delightful in their unpredictable weirdness, but EH pedals have been delivering sweet-azz tone for decades.
Keeley Electronics.
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yeah, keeley is a good brand.
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Digitech for me. For delay, acoustic modelling, chorus and so on, I prefer the 'preciseness' that digital effects give, and they do the best analog (yes, they do do some analog pedals) overdrive pedal I've ever tried too, the Screamin' Blues.
Though BOSS is a good runner-up. I really like their DD-6 and DD-7 (damn the huge price tag though!).
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Love Boss just because the majority of their pedals are simple to operate, sound great, and are built like rocks.
MXR/Dunlop (owned by same company) because all of their pedals have a very natural sound to them, as none of them are digital.

Either that or EHX. They make some damn fine pedals too, and I will be getting a POG soon.

Although my all time favorite pedal is the Ibanez TS-9.