I have a squire affinity strat that i got cheap at a pawnshop in Huston some time ago, and I've been itching to do something interesting with it, so I plan to modify it beyond recognition. I am doing this partly because I want a good sound from it, but mostly because i like messing with stuff. I plan to put about 200$ of mods into it over the next year or so (obviously much more than i paid for it).

So i thought it would be neat to metaphorically hand my guitar to UG and let you guys suggest modifications to add to it.

The rules: Pick any part (nothing is out of bounds**), no price range* post a link to the part (preferably one where i can order it from) explain why that part would be a good idea, and i will compile the best suggestions I receive into a list of to do items, finally don't trash each others ideas, instead post a better alternative and justify its superiority.

If you have any suggestions on how to perform a mod, feel free to post them, i will be doing all the work myself.

I will try to keep the thread updated by posting images of my progress as I modify the guitar, but it will probably be a long process.

*I am not working with an unlimited supply of money so the cheaper the item is, the more likely I will be to pick it to add to the guitar.
**I already have a killswitch so it would be pointless adding another one.

Pickups-GFS overwound strat pickups-Sam Prillaman
Tuners-Gotoh Locking tuners-Sam Prillaman
Pick guards
on-board effects

If i chose your idea, i will try to credit you (your username) somewhere on the guitar.
If anyone has suggestions or insight on how they want the credit done they can post that too. I play just about everything from reggae to Death Metal so I'm open to sounds from all genre's.

Lastly, I know the squire is not an awesome guitar but that doesn't bother me because h'm just modifying this for fun anyway.
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Fret it in quarter tones up to the twelfth fret and put a fuzz factory and Kaos Pad in it along with a roland guitar synth. That would be one awesome strat.

EDIT: If you do use any of these things put my name on the back of the headstock.
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get some locking tuners (gotoh locking 6 a side), new pickups (GFS on budget also they will obviously depend on the sound you want), either a see-through pickguard or a wood one,
dunlop strap locks, chrome screw in knobs, keep the tremolo and the neck.

Trying to do a Kaoss strat with onboard effects on a squier is retarded and pointless, plus it would rape your budget and make a fetus with down syndrome
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Put a Super V tremolo in, 500K pots, a TBX tone control, change the neck and the bridge pickup to Gibson PAFs or 81/85 EMGs, and build either a Danelectro EQ or a Boss EQ in to it. And add a volume for each pickup! Add my name to the pickguard, kinda like SRV!
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