Here's a little ditty I wrote last night.

Sort of drum driven, guitary melodic thing..

Tell me what you think!
I'll return the favour.

ps. I think it sounds better in MIDI.. the bass drum comes through more.
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Holy shit, this may be because I'm quite drunk right now but I think that is awesome! Please record this, I think this could sound absolutely amazing.
i really liked track 1... i think the addition of track 2 makes it a bit confusing.. its like you can't really concentrate on the melodies, which make it a little bit difficult to listen to... i really enjoyed it when i played it with track 2 muted...
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i actually thought that was really good, the drum beats were a bit odd, but they fit the song perfectly, the song had calming edge to it, liked the part where it went

e|-----7------5------3--------2---------5.. ect.