I just found out there is going to be a Donnie Darko sequal about his sister Samantha Darko, called S. Darko. I don't know if this is new or old news, but I just found out and I'm not happy. In my opinion there was no opening at the end of Donnie Darko to have a sequal. And I hate it when great movies have sequals/triquals made just to make money. The sequals usually suck too. AH anyone else think this is a dumb idea or just me? Oh and Donnie won't even be in it, he will just be mentioned here and there.
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It's not Richard Kelly.

It's going to fail.
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Yeah I've heard about this already. It's going to be horrible. I bet the Hot Topic execs are rubbing their hands together right now though...
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this sequal can go suck a fuck.

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I hate, hate, hate this idea... Why ruin an amazing movie by making a sequel to it? There's probably a 2% chance of this movie being a success, let alone a success that can live up to the original.
i loved the first donnie darko. then people naturally ruined it for me cause theyre all like, omg i loved it, it was so deep, it changed my lifee. ommgggg i love jake gyllenhall so much, hes so hot. now that theres going to be a sequel, that ****s going to be ****. you know theyre just banking off the hit from the first movie and its going to suck like final destination 2.
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and how exactly does on suck a f]uck godsmack? haha

sequel will suck based on the plot I've heard. Supposedly there's a meteorite involved
Donnie Darko is probably my all time favorite movie, but I don't expect anything from the sequal. Richard Kelly isn't even involved at all (or Jack Gyllenhall, obviously). I don't think I'm even gonna see it.
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wow..am i the only person who wants to see it? i'm excited to see if he can actually pull off a decent sequel. i'm not saying "omgz itz AUSOME" but i'd still like to see it.
I've heard about it a few weeks. I think it is going to fail big time but I'll probably see it anyways.
I don't see the point in a sequel.
I probably will end up watching it though
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