Hey I couldn't find any sites that showed the tabs to the song, but I found this video on youtube that was really good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4pkGqVfKlc
I am horrible with tabbing music myself, and really want to impress this girl so any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
Impress her with a better song, if she likes Timberlake, drop her like a ****ing bad habit.
Your kidding me right...

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I think I can safely say I would still bang her knowing this information.

Lmao ^

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just write your own solo, it's gotta be epic and sexy sounding, something that'll wet her whistle, catch ma drift?
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Impress her with a better song, if she likes Timberlake, drop her like a ****ing bad habit.

Yeah, because girls who like pop music should never be touched by us higher class, rock-loving men.
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yeah dude. that guy in the vid is made of fail, and is improv. sucks.

just ask in what key it is and go over on that

and the video has noting "really god" on it. he just plays on the 7 and 9 frets on the G and D strings all the time, and dometimes goes over to fret 11 or 12, and then does a choose thing in the 3 top strings. btw, he uses heis neck pu.

and the chick wont just love you for playing a cheese song dude, play something metal(not for her, for an audience were c¿she could be) and she will look into how cool you are

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well she doesn't really like rock, and she only talks about how great justin timberlake is, and haze is horny so im probably going to work on this song.....
dude if she likes justin, wouldn't even notice the difference.
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