I love ibanez RGs but have yet to play an ibanez rgt and i have become a hater of neck finishes. does anyone have an rgt and how is a wizard2 w/a finish on it?
Well I say its the best feeling guitar ever. Look at my sig.

After loving the way it felt I spent money to give it the hardware it deserves. Its up there with the 3k guitars now as fas as quality. And feel wise is better than most and up there with the best.
Well, if you dont like neck finishes then i dont know if you would like it. Neck finishes have never tampered with my playing, and i love the look of them. If like me you like the Wizard II neck, I dont see why the finish should bother you, unless you are one of the players that grip the neck tightly causing your hands to grip against the neck slowing you down.

Being that the neck is so think, your hand wont grip as much, so my guess is the finish wont affect your playing. It never affected mines.