i need a few questions answered about this..
first, the specs.
fender: aerodyne jazz bass body
fender: fretless ebonal jazz neck (maple)
pickups: 2 p bass actives and one j bass active single coil
and last a custom paint job: swirly granite color with white specks
i think itll look awesome and sound awesome but, would the custom paint job effect the tone (after sanding, etc)
would a warwick neck fit it too? (i love these necks to pieces)
what do i do for the tone knobs/ the metal piece that holds the knobs
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also (i couldnt fit it all, im on a psp) before i put the bass together is there any other things i should be aware of?
sorry i know nothing of basses...but a psp! god that mustve taken you hours to type/load!
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