i have a B-52 AT100, and i get some static whenever its on. its been this way since i got it but im just now getting fed up with it. anyway to get rid of it?
Is it your guitar? If not, I'd say a bad ground, try a different socket or maybe a power conditioner.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
i think it might be my guitar. tightened the output jack on the guitar and it cut back the feedback by a little, but at a higher volume and on the distortion channel its still really staticy.
That's kind of a given, no amp is dead silent. If you're using single coils it will be worse. Maybe try a noise gate?
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
yea. i have the threshold at 30 and the attack and the release at 0. recomended settings?

edit: what about a noise supressor pedal.
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is your amp plugged into a wall socket all by itself or is it plugged into power strip with a bunch of other things like a PC or a microwave?

it should not buzz like that unless there is actually something wrong with it or you have guitar or wall socked grounding issue. happens all the time.

also, can you plug your guitar into someone else's amp to double check that aspect?

its plugged into the wall all by its self. and how would i go about fixing a grounding issue.

edit: it doesnt buzz unti i actually plug the cable into my guitar. my old solid state also buzzes with my guitar (schecter tempest custom if it matters)
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yep - then back up to above with your guitar being grounded properly. in my strat for example the ground wire is soldered to the metal trem claw.

if i were to disconnect that by accident or something i'm sure my guitar would buzz like crazy.