Since I've started playing, I've played with the fretboard dots. This may seem like a dumb question, but... I'm considering getting a new bass without these dots, has anyone had any issues with this switch?
If you are familiar with how the fretboard feels and all that, its an easy switch.
if there's still marks on the side of the neck, then it's no problem.. i'm pretty sure there will be..
I bought a guitar without any fretboard markings on it and I didn't even notice the difference. If it has the marks on the side of the neck (which I'm sure it will) you'll be fine.
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It only takes maybe 10 minutes to get used to. My acoustic guitar and my aerodyne jazz don't have dots. it looks better in my opinion.
There is no such thing as a stupid question, just ones already answered in the FAQ...
I like having the dots, but I can survive without them. you just need to remember with your hands, not your eyes, where certain frets are.
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yea like its been said, if you have the side markers, you should be fine. Quite an easy switch, espesh if you been plaing a while.