Why do we all seem to see
Different versions of me
When I look at my reflection
Do I get a different impression
When I look at the sky
At the clouds floating by
Do I see the same
As the person next to me

When I took a picture of my face
It seemed out of place
Because through everyone else’s eyes
It took a different disguise
And they didn’t see me
Only what they wanted to see

When I look at me
I see a boy full of discrepancies
With miscommunicated intent
And confusion as to what he meant
I wish I could be still
That would give me a thrill
Because people would not know
How to comprehend my little show

Because I’m just a boy of discrepancies
I think that this is a really good effort, you get your message across nicely and, for the majority, use really good language and don't force the rhyming.
I wish I could be still
that would give me a thrill
I said good for the majority. Why? You'd done so well for so long, why do this at the end? AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH.

With that out the way, well done for the rest of it.