Hey, is it true that even SSS MIM Strats have a HSS or HSH cavity to fit the pickups in underneath the pickguard? (Sorry if my wording is bad)
Yeah, I asked that same question a few days ago. MIM strats nowadays are routed HSS
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True, All MIM strats are routed HsH
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Thanks. And if a guitar is called a Fender Standard does that mean MIM?
Standard means MIM, American Standard is MIA (seems logical)

and i had a 04 or 05 MIM strat that was SSS but just routed for HSS. is the HSH routing a recent thing?
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True, All MIM strats are routed HsH

This is not correct unless they just changed. They are routed HSS. Here's mine to prove it.
EDIT: and i just realized you have a MIM strat so is yours routed HSH and can put up a pic?
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