eBay will have them for about 400 used, if you get a good deal. Your choice though, some people feel negatively about buying tube amps off of eBay due to potential shipping damage. Not saying I think it'd happen, cause it probably is fairly uncommon that it does, but that's just what some people have said. But it's a great amp, I'm considering getting one myself.
you're in luck, this is one of the most common amps (atleast in my area) where you can find them used.
Definitely go for it.
Also, this amp will essentially do anything you want, unless you play death metal or something.

^Also, don't worry about shipping damage.
It's a working mans amp, it's built well.
Call me Wes.
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I'm looking at one too.
Perfect for just about everything, reliable, middle of the road cost and wattage.
Everyone who has one keeps theirs forever.