An idea I had last night that snowballed when I sat down to write it. It turned out a little longer then I expected. I think it need some editing. Thoughts?

Trust me. There is something I need you to do.
There's trouble and we've got to deal with it soon.
Listen to every single word I'm gonna say,
and hopefully we'll be here by the end of the day.
There is a little red room deep underground
with a little red button, and one guard standing around.
To get to this room go through a door in this desert.
I'd go myself, but I have to stay in bed. My feet are burnt.
So at the door there is a little black key pad.
A sign on the door says, "We are many, and we are bad."
Don't mind the sign. Just follow the arrows on this road.
In order to get in you're gonna need this code.
The numbers to punch in are six-six-six-thirteen.
Funny how things happen. Know what I mean?
Anyways there is an elevator through this door,
one that will take you right down through the floor.
Tell the guard I sent you and then send him to me.
I think he needs a vacation. Maybe a place in the sea.
Once you're down there you must press the red button.
There are some people out there that we need to be rid of.
Don't look at me like that. I know what I'm doing.
It's either this way or a whole lot of shooting.
And don't get any ideas, just do what I say.
If you don't do this there's gonna be Hell to pay.
And trust me the Devil's not just a man with little horns.
With a wave of his hand he'll make us wish we were never born.
But I'm sorry, I’m sorry. Sometimes I forget myself.
Everything's going to be okay. Soon I'll be somewhere else.
It's good for you and me 'cause things are going to change.
He sat me down and told me everything’s been arranged.
So go now. Don't look back. You know what you have to do.
If this doesn't happen he'll take me and he'll take you too.
And now the little guy has left. What a giant idiot.
This new world's for me. I won't share with that little ****.
So now I'll wait. Big bang, explosions in the ****ing sky.
Good times. It'll just be like an early Fourth of July.
I guess they were wrong about how the world ends.
No whispers. Just one glorious, fiery explosion.
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****ing beautiful
a great story with a sense of humor.
i like it and want to see a song out of it

crit mine?
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