i have a line 6 spider 3 150 watt so im ready for gigs and practice and whatnot, but i need a foot controller and im in a bit of a dillema. I can get a FBV Shortboard switch for about 300, only problem is when i get my tube halfstack (unless its the line 6 spider valve) i offivially wasted 300 dolalrs becaus eim goign to need a amp modeler anyway. so the other option is just get the floor POD for liek 400-500 depending on which one i get and just use that on my amp and when i get my tube amp (could be up to a year before that mayeb a half year) its all set and i can use the POD through it. but i i get the line 6 valve head i can just use the shortboard since its compatible anyways. what should i do? if the line6 valve isnt as good as a tube amp of the same prive then im not goign to but it just because its compatible, i get the POD.
or you can suggest other modellers/multi effects- i'll try things out from BOSS, DigiTech whatever.
as long as i get the valve head one day the hsortboard is fine but if i dont get another line 6 well then i guess i should get the POD. or is the POD better then the built in things on the lin6 amp?
is the line 6 spider III 30 watt compatable with the FBV shortbord? i read in the manual its not, but everywhere else it says it is.