So I was at a guitar shop with my friend, helping him look for a new guitar. When we asked to see a Randy Rhodes model the clerk bashed the hell out of it before he even got it off the rack. His big beef was that because it had a Floyd Rose it was too much of a pain in the ass to be worth the money. He said that it takes about an hour to change the strings on one.

My question is, what is the fastest that you have changed the strings on a guitar with floyd rose?
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he's a stoopid n00b1e that obviously doesn't know how to tune up a floyd. though i don't have any experience tuning up guitars with floyds(i will in 10 days ) i have seen videos on youtube that show you how to do it quick and easy
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under 5 mins

you jsut do everything in bundles, after youve done it about 10-15 times, its very very easy
hell i had it down in 5 from watching videos
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about 10-15 minutes, tuning and all. I think it's easier with the ibanez Edge though, because you don't have to put a stopper underneath the bridge to keep it loose.
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maybe the clerk wants to buy it for himself.
he said crappy things about it so you'd leave the guitar alone and when he gets the money, he'll get it for himself.
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That guy is either gearing for that guitar himself, or he's a retard. Floyd Roses (from what I've heard) are not THAT much of a pain, plus bashing an expensive guitar you get paid to sell is just stupid, even if you don't like it. If I worked at a GC, and some kid wanted a BC Rich, I would be screaming at him in my head not to buy it, but the only reason I would talk him out of it is to buy a more expensive one.


quickest way to change strings on a FR is to do em one at a time, youll not lose your tuning/string tension then

shouldnt take any longer than a guitar without a FR if done this way ;-)


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I've never really recorded how fast it took me to change strings on my Rhoads. I don't think it would take too long at all because of my Auto-Trim locking tuners. Even if I didn't have them, it still wouldn't take that long.
Probably under a minute per string.
Not counting the tuning, though bare in mind this is the ZR tremolo so it may be made a lot easier, however with correct knowledge it's not hard to re-string a floating tremolo which doesn't have the backstop support of the ZR.