k dudes here's the deal:

i play mostly oasis-type stuff, lots of distortion, and im looking for a new amp.

any ideas?

i thought of getting something w/ a good clean (e.g. vox ac30cc2) and putting a tubescreamer thru it, but i am open to any good suggestions that any of you might have

so lets hear it
by the way, i have an epiphone sheraton

plz also keep in mind that this is a big purchase for me, but i am not really looking at price as a factor because ill most likely go through a rent-to-own program to keep my feet on the ground.

i am more interested in making whichever amp i buy a purchase that i wont have any regrets about

thank you
^there's an edit button for a reason Can you be more specific? How loud will you need it to be? Will you be gigging with it? Exactly what kind of tone are you looking for, other than just a "good" clean?