im gonna clean my guitar with it but im wondering how long do i leave the lemon oil before i wipe it off? or do i let dry on the fretboard?
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I put lemon oil on a rag then wipe it on each fret... let it set for 3 or 4 minutes and wipe it off with a clean rag. So fresh, So clean.
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i've also use .0000 steel wool on my rosewood fretboard once or twice a year to clean it up a bit and mainly brush down the frets but we don't need to get into that tonight. i know, sounds crazy but it works if you do it lightly. Not .00 or .000 - .0000 super fine.

i've posted extensively on it.

we are talking rosewood here right, not maple?
Also, if you don't have steel wool as the poster above suggested as I usually don't... I use a soft toothbrush to get in close near the fret bars and to also go over the wood.
yeah i use a toothbush more often than not, i should have been more clear as i don't wanna start a firestorm here. steel wool (.0000 that is)(4 dot its called) is a once or twice a year thing.

also, make sure you use a brand new tooth brush and then just dedicate that one to your guitar - NEVER use an old one that you've used on your teeth as it will be full of dirt and old tooth paste and possibly water which is not at all good for your fretboard as you can imagine.

I prefer not to leave any liquids on the fingerboard for long. It's just my own intuition. When wood soaks, it expands. When it dries, it shrinks. Frets, however, don't shrink and expand with the moisture. But I'm not a luthier. (FWIW, Frank Ford of Gryphon Guitars/frets.com says the same thing)
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what exactly is .0000 steel wool?

it is very fine steel wool. you use it lightly across the fretboard WITH the grain of the wood, not against it.

i prolly shouldn't have even brought it up. Search on .0000 for more info. i've done it twice now with my strat (rosewood) and it helps clean and smooth out the frets.

you know how we refer to .09 and .10 gauge strings?

.000 or .0000 refers to the gauge of the steel wool. very fine stuff and if you were to ever use it you obviously don't want to be pressing real hard and you want to cover up your pick-ups with a towel cause there will be little shavings that will attract to the magnets.

Guys just use a new tooth brush.
yea i used steel on both of my guitars and i cant believe how different but good it feels!! ill keep in mind to not use it more than twice a year though cus i dont wanna **** up the fretboad
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it says on the bottle you should take the strings off, is that really necessary?

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it says on the bottle you should take the strings off, is that really necessary?

I guess you could do it without taking the strings off, so it's not necessary. Why wouldn't you though? It's much easier and won't hurt the guitar.

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Very true with water. Not so much with lemon oil but i'm not going to argue with a lutier. Was Frank Ford referring specifically to lemon oil?

Uh... *digs*... lemon oil and mineral oil. Specifically, right here:
http://www.frets.com/FRETSPAGES/Musician/GenMaint/Cleaning/cleaning02.html (though it doesn't want to load right now)
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