I'm currently selling three pedals. All pedals are not even a year old and in perfect working order. I'll try and get pictures up later.

First up is a Digitech Grunge distortion pedal. The only thing wrong with this would be the little bit of Gorilla Glue on the side and bottom. It doesn't effect the sound or functioning of the pedal. It's just kind of there.
Has four knobs
-Loud (Volume)
Grunge (Gain)

I've also got a Digitech Hyper Phase. Nothing wrong with this one.
Four knobs
-Type (Changes phase type)

Lastly, I've got a DF-7 Distortion Factory. Newest of the three, I haven't even had it but a couple of months. This one has level, Low, Mid Freq., Mid, Gain, High, and Distorion Model knobs. Comes with seven distortion models.

-Model 1 is based on Ibanez TS-9 with Fender 1965 Deluxe Reverb 1x12
-Model 2 is based on DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250 with Marshall half stack
-Model 3 is based on BOSS DS-1 with Johnson half stack
-Model 4 is based on Pro Co Rat with Fender Bassman 2x12
-Model 5 is based on BOSS Metal Zone with Johnson half stack
-Model 6 is based on DigiTech Metal Master with VHT half stack
-Model 7 is based on EH Big Muff with Marshall half stack loaded with 25W Celestion speakers

Make an offer on any of these pedals, be it cash or a trade.
Quote by ultrablue
is gorilla glue a euphamism?

I lol'd at that!

DiMarzio HS-3 pickup for DF-7? (check my signature thread for info)
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you in the UK or USA?
if you're in the UK i'll offer you all 3 for one of the guitars in my thread?
Fender Telecaster (MIM) <- the sentimental one

Fender USA strat

4 standing Oasis tickets, Cardiff 12th June - selling at face value go!
Sorry about the lack of response. Haven't been as active in the forums as usual here lately.

I'm getting rid of all these pedals to help fund my 5150...fund. I agree the grunge is a GREAT sounding pedal, but I'd rather have a 5150.

Ah...Gorilla Glue is this industrial strength glue...with a gorilla on the bottle. They also make a kick ass tape.

Let me think on the Dimarzio.

I'm in the U.S., but let me check those guitars out anyway. Who knows, I may even pay to ship them if it's not too much of a problem.

And PM'ed back.

Thanks for the replies, guys.