well i went online and looked for some new car speakers
and I found this site and all the speakers are like really really cheap like 25 bucks for 6.5 diameter speakers

I was just wondering if anybody knows anything about car speakers and could tell me if I'm getting ripped off or not and where to get some good quality cheap speakers
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he's talking about 6.5 inch speakers, those are door speakers not subwoofers.

i'd check out crutchfield.com they're a lot cheaper than best buy or anything, and they're a reliable company. i got 4 alpine type r speakers and 2 subs with amps for the same price as just the subs cost at best buy.

hope that helps.
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link by any chance
it would help if brand names , peak and running power were included
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i'd check out crutchfield.com they're a lot cheaper than best buy or anything

No they aren't. Crutchfield's prices are generally what I consider the market average - not the most expensive, but definitely not the cheapest. That being said, Crutchfield is a great place to do research. I recently got a set of Infinity 6022si speakers from Ebay for $60, which is $40-50 under retail/Crutchfield's cost.

We need to know a lot of info before we can give you a real opinion.

1) What's your car stereo like now?
2) Do you have a link to those speakers? If not, what make and model are they?
3) Are you planning on running an amp, and if so, what RMS wattage?
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