My friend is. The lineup sucks.
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Most people i know are raving on about it. I could only find 2 bands i want to go and see. So I'm not going to waste my money.

That, and its downhill from here the lineup is only going to get worse next year.
Theres not many good bands on the lineup, and knowing Download, they'll all be on at the same time.

Reading/Leeds will be much better just for Metallica
If I had the money kicking round, I would. I personally am more than happy with Disturbed, Seether, Bullet, Biffy, et al. Plus theres some pretty BA bands on the smaller stages. But the line up certainly isn't METOL. It'd be a better line up for something like Reading/Leeds. But I'd be happy with it. But enough about that; back to my cheerios.
Not very impressed with download this year...thats why im going to watch it for free on the internet again ang spend my money on reading instead
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Yeah me and my girlfriend are going.

KISS, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Municipal Waste, Amon Amarth, Offspring...and probably others as well. Plus we're going VIP
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