Okay, so I've decided to get a Shure PG 48 since I can use it with my Toneport GX Audio Interface. But as it is, I have a Micro BR recorder. I'm just wondering if the Shure PG48 can be used with the recorder.

I've checked the manual for the Micro BR, but all it says about an external microphone is:

'plug-in powered microphone, 2.5V, NOT phantom powered' or something to that effect.

Some help please?


I need 'plug in electret microphones'. Any idea where to get them and which ones to use? Suggestions please?
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you can use any dynamic mic with that recorder, you just need an XLR to TRS 1/4" cable.

I have heard though that this doesn't give any better results than the on board mic. I remember someone here tying this with a SM57.

It should work better with the GX though.