Hey all, Looking at bass amps and wondering what best for a price range of about $600-700
looking at something good for practise and gigging small gigs. pubs, batlle of bands etc.
bands guitarist is getting abut a 65 or a 100 watt btw. i play punkish, alternative band and am the bassist

what would best suit
a combo or stack
or a tube or solid ($600-700)

also i saw this amp. any good or is there better
Ash Down EB15180 Combo


THanks Recomendaiton and adive apreciated
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Uh, guys, that's a bass amp that he's linked to there, and he referred to a guitarist in his first post, not another guitarist. I think he's a bassist.

TS, you're looking for a bass amp, right?
Yes im a bassist
looking for a bass amp

whats the difference with a solid and tube
tbh, you probably don't want a bass tube amp. They're ridiculously expensive for one thing, well beyond your budget. I've never tried one, due to the price, but i've heard that they don't really suit most styles too well.

Combo or half-stack depends on how much power you need. Against a single 65w guitar amp, a combo will be fine. If you were playing with 2 guitarists, each with 50w+ tube amps, a half-stack would probably be a better idea.

For the price, the Ashdown 1x15 combos are pretty damn good. i borrowed one of the other ones (not the blue...) for a gig, and it was pretty good, plenty of volume to spare, easy to dial in nice tones, and it can cover pretty much anything decently.