I loved it, the only parts i feel could use some touching up on are drums and bass.
Personally, i think that the drums need more energy and the bass doesnt have a real problem but i feel that it could have better parts. Other than that great song i really wanna hear a finalized version 8/10
Having looked at just the updated version, here's what I noticed:

The drums are exceptionally good, I wouldn't change them at all.
The guitar is a little unoriginal - I don't see the difference between riffs one to three either.
The synth is used well to add an extra dimension to the song.

What I think you could do is perhaps add some harmonies over the top of some of those riffs, to make the music 'deeper' if you like.
Also, I would try to make the riffs slightly more complex.

Overall, however, I think this is a decent solid start point; now what I think you need to do is build off it, and improve it, to make it as good as it can be.