heres a music video i made for my band's song 'real' it took me about 4 hours when i made it, but im gonna hav to redo it again coz its been re-recorded with a new vocalist (ul notice the singer and drummer in this are the same person)
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Youtube seems to be running really slow today.
...probably because everyones inside staying cool and watching youtube videos LOL

Ill have to try again later or tomorrow.

*please keep in mind that I tend to point out a lot of small details and flaws when it comes to projects like this. Im not trying to bash you or anything..Its just that im a TV production major and most of the time cant help but see and point out small flaws like this. However you need someone to point these things out if you ever want them to be fixed.*

On with the review:

Focusing and Framing:
The first thing I noticed was that your camera was not focused. Dont EVER trust the auto focus..it normally will focus on the wall behind the subject, as it did for you.
Frame your shot, Zoom in all the way, Focus on the subjects eyes, then dont touch the focus any more...just zoom back out and reframe your shot. This will keep the subject in focus very well and gives you a very accurate focus compared to not zooming in...(just a tip i learned very early on in the TV field)

Frame your shots so you are centered and your subject's eyes are at the upper third of the screen at all times but also allow for headroom.

Mic stand for the guitar player is covering his face, move the stand down some and move the camera of to the side a little to get some good angles in there.

Syncing video:
In post production try to cut and place the video so that it looks in sync with the audio at all time. The drums are not in sync, you can see the hat open at times but no sound to go with that...

Video effects:
Another thing to watch out for is your video effects, the beginning cuts to a green gradient out of nowhere...

Audio Quality:
Video is important when making movies but audio is also just as important.
Mess around with the mix of the final track some more.

Clear Titles:
One last thing, make your titles larger. I could hardly read them.

Music videos are fun, I should make one myself one of these days...

Quote by druz15_UG
the song was a demo
and it was supposed to be that way, but whatever. I know what you mean though. It looks a lot better on my computer straight out of iMovie but when i uploaded to youtube it lost a LOT of quality

Yea youtube does mess up videos if you dont upload them correctly.


Im still going though settings in Adobe Premiere to get my videos looking great...
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