I've seen people playing scales and stuff on electric guitar on high speeds like 200 bpm. So just wondering can you do that with an acoustic? Or is it harder so you'll need an electric?

thank you
Yeah, it's alot harder on acoustic.
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Listen to Django Reinhardt. He is an old Gypsy Jazz player from the 30s. He is faster than tons of electric players and he only has 2 fingers.
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Well, you can play just as fast to be honest....why? Because you can do anything on an acoustic that you can do on an Electric. It may not sound as good though.
you should see some REALLY good classical guitar players. some of them are insanely fast. faster than the majority electric guitar players.
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Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Tim Reynolds, Paul Gilbert just to name a few, can shred on acoustic and very cleanly.
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