my guitar cable has a short in it, and im getting a new one later today.
im wondering if there is a certain kind, or brand i should look for, dont wanna get another bad cable.
thanks in advance.
Just look around, a lot of cables have a year's guarantee. You can usually tell by the general thickness; just feel them and you can usually tell which ones are of good quality.
I like Monster Cables, They arent the cheapest out there but it comes with a lifetime warranty so if it ever breaks u just send it in and they send u back a brand new one, i have 3 of them as of now (for about 3 years) and none have broken.
so it shouldnt really matter, as long as it is decently cheap and long/thick enough?
i just need to replace the one that came with my squier strat pack, its going out on me.
I use a cheap $7 20 foot cable that I got at Music Stop sometime before Christmas, and it has worked like a charm. Some cheaper cables can be duds, but if you find a cheap brand that works well I say grab a couple.
Make your own dude, its easy and alot cheaper.

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honestly, if you take care of your cables, any brand should do.
Whenever you're done playing, make sure you coil up the cable instead of leaving it out on the floor somewhere... anyway, I usually buy the ones with the metal ends that screw in, it's much easier to access if I need to re-solder...