I am trying to decide between getting an Ibanez sz320 at the guitar store(about 450), and a Jackson dk2 off ebay(about 500). The Jackson is $600 at the guitar store. Should I just go ahead and buy the jackson off ebay? I have tried both and liked the jacksons feel just a tiny bit more, due to its longer neck
(I'm used to longer scale necks).

So, should I just get the sz and spend the rest of my money(around $400) on an amp (peavey valveking)....
Or should I hold off on an amp and buy the Jackson??

If you prefer the feel of the Jackson then buy that; the playing sensation is, without equal, the most important thing when buying a guitar; tone can be changed in any number of ways but the feeling of playing a certain guitar can't be changed anywhere near as easily.
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I'm sure a bunch of people will rush in and tell you to buy an amp, but honestly, its no fun playing a guitar that isn't as good as another one. I say go ahead and buy the Jackson.