hey guys, i'm just wondering how you can get the best out of your fretless bass, tone wise. i use a mexican made fretless fender jazz and it just doesn't sound like the fretless of my dreams, eg, that lovely "mwaaah".

is it just the bass (because of the wood its made from, or the bridge) or is there a way i can achieve this tone by twiddling a few knobs on my amp or bass, a whole lot easier than sticking a whole new bridge in.

My bass amp is a peavey max 112 practise amp if that helps. to give you an idea of the sort of tone i'm looking for, check this video:


(i know its a weird bass, being aluminium and everything, but surely that bass tone is universal right?)

thanking you in advance,



PS: i have used the searchbar and nothings come up
I suggest putting in a BAII for starters. But IMO a MIM Fender won't get that perfect fretless tone unless you put in tons of money, which could've been spent on a different instrument.
I don't know if it would work or not but try using a slide perhaps.

If nothing else it will sound different I guess.
i have the same bass. get a BA2 and put on some stainless flats. once they age, they sound beautiful. Not the jaco sound, but i like it
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well, that just makes me feel stupid, cos to be like jaco, i put rounds on

i'll stuck the flats on my p bass copy, but i'll swap again, see what happens. I don't really fancy sticking a badass II on, but i'll read up about it. anyway, thanks for the help guys!
In my opinion, you can't get that proper mwah without an epoxied fingerboard and roundwounds (as per blog that Anarkee thoughtfully linked). My ears think flatwound mwah is too laboured and cheesy sounding.
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