One of the most underrated MFX pedals is the Digitech RP90, and since it isnt that famous, it's impossible to look for settings or download patches.

Can anyone give me settings for any band or guitarist?
(the Ultimate Settings Thread Sticky doesnt help me a bit)

You can even just try and fill them up even if you dont have the RP90.

Here, copy this and fill them up please:

Pickup/Wah: (Humbucker/Single Coil)


Amp/Distortion: (An Amp Model or Distortion Stompbox)

Equalizer (1-10)

Chorus: (on/off)

Other FX: (off/flanger/phaser/tremolo/detune/panner/etc.)

Delay: (off/analog/digital/pong/tape)

Reverb: (off/room/hall)

Expression Pedal: (off/pitch shifter/wah/yah/vibrato/volume swell)

Or you could just refer me to a site filled with settings.