I just need to rant because i found this quite humorous.

On friday, I traded a guitar for another one. I received from the trade a Jackson DX10D. We were talking for a few minutes and I said, "wow, this is pretty low action and I dont' hear much fret buzz at all" I was impressed until he spoke again. He says, "yeah, I had it professionally set up and there was a lot of buzz. so I adjusted it myself and got it to not buzz. All i had to do was move these around <points to floyd saddles> until the strings stopped buzzing." I was speachless to say the least. I then asked him about the floyd because it wasn't level. He goes, "I had 9's on it and I just put 8's on for you last night. You don't need to mess with it's cool"

The guy really knew how to play, but he was just one of those guys that should never touch a guitar to adjust it in any way. Playing with my Dean vs. my Jackson, i can tell a huge difference with the Jackson's intonation being out of whack.

So after I realized he had no idea what int he hell he was talking about, i gave the guitar a really good look over to make sure he didn't mess anything up that I would need to drop a lot of money on to have fixed. in the end the gutiar ended up being just fine. i just need to spend an hour or two adjusting the floyd and intonation properly.
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lol :P he sure was an expert with guitars
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that's a bitch! I just re-intonated the LFR on my RG4EXQM1 after a pickup swap. The intonating took longer than installing the pickups!
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