my pick always gets caught in the strings when I alternate pick on higher strings. i tried
to pick harder but that made it worse.

any help?
how fast are you doing it? like tremolo alternatey picking, or just slower ?
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Picking harder is never the answer unless the question is "How do I play louder".

For faster playing you should play lighter if anything; especially on the higher strings. However; the same answer as usual applies: keep practicing and you'll get it.
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practice slowly, holding the pick closer to the tip as Monsieur Matt Chavie stated. just work on it styles!
try loosening your grip on the pick, also each string you have to develop a different feel for, and it's just like everything else on the guitar, you'll get it eventually just stay with it.
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Hold your pick closer to the tip.

what he said.
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Gotta analyze your own technique and figure some of these things out for yourself. Go real slow, and pay attention where and why it gets caught. Pay attention to the angle of the pick, how much pick you are using, how close you are holding to the tip, how firm your grip is, etc...