Ok, within $500 i have to buy either a processor or seperate pedals, what should i buy?

for processors i am buying either Digitech GNX4 or Zoom G92TT.

and for pedals i am buying: digitech whammy, weeping demon, boss dd 3, boss ge 7, boss tu 2.

so you tell me if i should buy one of those processors or the pedals, why or why not.

ps. i hear the pedal idea is much better. why?
why are you getting multi-effects pedal and seperate pedals again?

Edit: Oh, I see your not buying both it is one or the other.

there are plus and minuses of both routes. i doubt i would combine them tho.

seperate pedals are more specific to a certain sound and have their own unique tweaking capabilities. easier to turn on an off seperately. some are analog based which may sound more 'true', easier to sell and replace with something else, pedal boards are always fun, other reasons.

multi-effect pedals have lots of stuff in one box, easy to carry around, often have headphone jacks and USB or Midi for recording, some have drum loops, most are customizable, cheaper (generally for what you get) but may not sound as true to the tone of the real deal.

also, this is discussed almost every day so Search too for some of your answers.