Im going to be ordering a bass from Thomann sometime and I have have noticed that they also do some very cheap cases. HERE They're only £33 and I'm wondering wether they're just good value or if they are cheap for a reason.

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Its your call really. Depends hw much the bass is. If you believe its only worth £33 tehn by all means purchase the case. Id personally be a little sceptical about such cheap cases, as you know, it probably wont be made very well and may fall apart in your hands in the near future. Now if youve spent a ton on a brand new bass, i highly doubt you wont it to go cascading unprotected into the floor (or protected for that matter actually).

Its your call.
I bought a fender case from thomann about a month ago and have had to send it back 3 times , the first time the case was warped and wouldn't fit together properly, second 2 times the key didn't even fit in the lock, was really dissapointed 'cos before the service has been pretty good. Might have just be the quality control from where the cases are manufactured though.
That case would be fine if ur just planning on using it for storage and maybe taking it 2 practice or to local gigs. but if ur planning on goin on any long trips or tours then ur better spending that bit extra on sumthing nicer.
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I've got a classical and an acoustic case from them - both cheapies, both better than the Fender case that came with my strat.
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