i just watched episode one on youtube....... =s..... i dont get it.................
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You're awesome, dude.
aye, the animations are rather strange. one of them scares me, the one where he goes to france.

watch his other movies on fat-pie.com. they're hilarious.
Saladfingers is awesome. It always has some eerie-effect around it. I love it

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and the words kept falling onto pages.
Without the loss we can't go on
and with the loss we became strong.

wow havent heard of that for years

i might go look for a magical trevor video
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Anyone who doesn't enjoy salad findles needs to kiss my poo.

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Haha! You are awesome Bucketbotman!! Lolz!!



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aye, the animations are rather strange. one of them scares me, the one where he goes to france.

watch his other movies on fat-pie.com. they're hilarious.

David Firth has quite an imagination. Has anyone ever watched 'Spoilsbury Toast Boy -2'? One of the creepiest, yet funniest animations ever made.
I like it when the red water comes out.
Freakiest installment out of all of them, that second one.
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Ah salad fingers. I can never forget this one when he digs up a body and talks to it then drags it back into his house and tries to feed it and stuff, and another one when he's eating nettles or something. Some of them are messed up, but they're incredibly funny.
salad fingers scares me, hes real creepy
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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I don't like salad fingers, his other other stuff is awesome though. Infact, I made a David Firth thread a while back.
No one does.

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I think Salad Fingers is waaaaay too overrated in terms of weirdness...

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david firth is a facking legend at our school.

me and all my frends love burnt face man and loads of his other stuff

recommended stuff is:

jerry jackson

burnt face man

video dating tape

the child who smelled funny

valentines day special


and men from up the stairs. it's an extremely clever metaphor
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I dont like the one where he starts to eat himself, *shudders*
lol me and my mate watched at midnight I think, scared the crap outta us.
BURNTFACEMAN is alot better IMO

Tis my favourite by Firth.

Salad fingers is still funny in a wierd creepy way
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