I own, hate, and replaced mine. Personally it has no character or feel to it. The sound itself sounds dry, even when comparing it to other SS amps. If you do a lot of extreme effects then it might suit you, but if your just running a chorus or delay and some distortion (or clean) then you will tire of its sound after a few days.
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I have a M80 Fender amp, and it's good for a back up amp, but I don't like the distortion on it. When I play clean tones it sounds really good, but when I switch channels I can never get the sound I want. They are loud though. Can't match with my Marshall though when it comes to producing the exact sound I'm looking for.
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uhm solid states, ive never been really impressed with...other than vox
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It's a horrible sounding amp IMO, they're just loud...there's nothing you could cal a tone that comes out of them.
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Well it depends. The included distortion is very horrible. I hate it. But if you use like a distortion pedal with it then it won't be half bad.

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i have a 25R. i've pretty much killed it by playing it really loudly and running vocals through it, but a year ago it sounded alright. decent practice amp. it gets alot of crap that it doesnt deserve.
All i can say is that i had the 15watt version when i was starting, the cleans sounding really dry and the gain channel sounded marshall MG'ish I ended up replacing it when i got my first tube amp... HAH what an improvement!

but i can't really say about the 100watt one... dont really know much about em, my two cents...
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